The goal of Heritage Walk Calcutta is to spread awareness about the rich heritage of this beautiful city. We do this in two ways: first, by offering affordable and authentic pedestrian explorations through Kolkata's rich history and culture; second, by presenting interactive workshops and talks to children of all ages through our Heritage for Schools initiative. All activities are led by researchers, who bring authenticity straight from the archives.

Tour Basics




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Intentionally low for maximum affordability


3 Hours


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Varies for pay-what-you-like and special tours



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Pay in cash at the end of pay-what-you-like tours.


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All information is based on thorough historical research

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Prices are intentionally kept low to reach more people

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Led by knowledgeable historians and archaeologists

Featured Events

Chinese in Calcutta: Old Chinatown Walk

Throughout its history, Calcutta has been a melting-pot of cultures: Indian and foreign. The presence of a small but vibrant Chinese community from South China can be traced in Calcutta since the later half of the 18th century. In this walk, we will explore the Old Chinatown in central Kolkata, see some of the surviving…

‘Boipara’: College Street Walk

Boipara or College Street, besides being the traditional publisher’s quarter of the city was also witness to the genesis of modern education system of the country. The walk will explore the contours of cultural history of Calcutta.   Time: 15:00-18:00   Stretch of Walk: College Street area   Total distance: 2 km | Duration: 3 hours

The Story of Calcutta

The history of colonial Calcutta from its founding to 1947. Based on the educational level of the students and the requirements of the organizers, this is done as an interactive storytelling session, historical reenactment or an intensive study of the key historical texts under the supervision of our archaeologist. Maximum number of participants: 30 per…

Documenting Local Histories

Basic strategies for identifying and documenting local history. Based on the age group of the participants, consent of the parents and requirement of the institutions, this is done either through theoretical classroom-based sessions, classroom cum field-based practical sessions.   Maximum number of participants: 20 per session. Prerequisites: none Level: Class 7 through University Learning outcomes:…